Safe and quality housing is an important starting point in helping low-income individuals and families reach their goals and maintain viable communities, but it is not enough. Many of our residents face multiple barriers to success – education, language and cultural barriers, etc. These residents require more than just housing, but also require supportive services that address the full spectrum of challenges they face, offer extra encouragement and coaching, and help residents build personal and financial assets.

The primary goal of our program is to provide thoughtful services that address the exact needs of a community at the exact time they are needed. Just as local circumstances and population demographics vary from place to place and from year to year, so do each community’s prevailing needs. For this reason, we don’t believe in applying a “cookie cutter” model, but instead firmly believe in regularly assessing residents’ wants and needs and building programs responsive to those needs.

An effective resident service program brings positive outcomes to the residents, housing management, and the surrounding community alike. Resident service programs have shown to improve resident economic circumstances, lower bad debts, legal fees, and vacancy losses, reduce crime, and decrease the burden on local government to provide services. We are excited that the data available today supports what we have long believed to be true – when you empower residents and seek to address the underlying causes or effects of poverty, everyone WINS.